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Scott Lambert

  • Age: 17


Lambo joined our Call of Duty with Cloudy in November 2014 at the start of the Advanced Warfare season. A consistent competitor, Lambo has been competing since Black Ops II, alongside Cloudy for the entirity of this season. When Cloudy quit to focus on studies throughout Ghosts, Lambo found a home in Sway AU, with whom he competed throughout much of the season. A consistent top 10 side, Lambo was a dominating factor that allowed Sway to compete with the best throughout his time there. In Advanced Warfare, Lambo has shown himself to be one of the best AR Slayers in the game, performing exceptionally well at his first LAN in the Gold Coast in March. Despite living in Yepoon and having constant battles with internet, Lambo manages to contest and often beat the best ARs in the ANZ region.

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