TopicHow to Download and allow Webroot Antivirus via Webroot.Com/Safe

  • Fri 6th Mar 2020 - 1:28pm

    You need to webroot login access to the antivirus. Possessing an approved link to the Webroot app allows you to check details of your subscription and updates available. In case you lose access, you will no longer be able to perform any of the tasks mentioned.

    Please note that the steps can differ slightly depending on the Web browser you are using and its specific version.

    • Go to and click "Sign in" from the top-right corner of the page 
    • As the sign appears on the screen, click "Create an account" from the ideal side of the box.
    • Click Create Account button 

    You will receive a cell confirmation code on your registered telephone number 

    • Enter the code from your respective field 
    • And also to verify your email accounts, you will be given a link to 
    • open your account in a new web browser tab and complete the confirmation 
    • Set a strong password and complete the process of creating my account profile on Webroot

    Once you have built one account on the website, make sure that you can complete the Webroot login process. If you see a notification that the email account does not work, it indicates that during the process a few errors have occurred. Retry the process to make sure you have an email account manually that has never been used to make an account secure on www webroot.

    On the other hand, skip The above actions in the event that you already have Webroot accounts. With Webroot's link to my account, you can buy and renew a subscription plan and determine the newly available updates.

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