TextBookGaming was first started back in 2010 when founder, Tates was wanting to put together a community of friends who enjoy gaming. Along side Destinoux they came up with the name TextBook Gaming, so good it is by the books

In 2011 Tates started playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II competitively with friends Frogyboy, Cast3d and Jabacon Orphan, this was the birth of TextBook Gaming into the e-Sports community. Along the way TextBook Gaming has grown into a recognisable Call of Duty organisation but we are determined to not stop there, wanting to grow and become the biggest gaming community out there!

It is now 2015, TextBook Gaming has 1 Call of Duty team, 2 streamers and 13 admins.

Growing by the day.
TextBook Gaming always strives to do the best they can in everything from gaming to streaming we put our all into what we do.

TextBook Gaming is always striving to become bigger and better than it already is and settings goals is our way of reaching higher.
A few of our future goals are to create a gaming house, recruite teams in multiple different games from multiple different countries and also to become an internationaly recognized brand. These are not easy goals but our hard working staff are all willing to put the time and effort into completing them.

The Meaning of "TextBook Gaming"
The saying "TextBook play" refers to the playing being so well executed that is as though it was done perfectly to how it was planned. This is how we go about our gaming both in and out of game, we work on making sure everything is executed to plan


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